Integrated System Components

Central Desk Pro


Our 2016 Automatic Scoring System now integrates the Central Desk Pro with our POS, and has the ability to network additional Twelve Strike POS systems, all running under the Microsoft Windows 7 environment. We provide you with the ability to Network your Back Office to the Central Desk for easy operating use.


Point Of Sale


Newly developed Point of Sale (POS) functionality provides for the control of lane computers and keeps tallies of games bowled. Multiple registers can be configured to work together as a Tab Feature, for bowling sales and or bar/restaurant. Register Supports Prepay and Post Pay Bowling, along with time bowling, credit card processing. All Open Play/Special Event transactions can be handled from any of the POS terminals.


Back Office


The Twelve Strike Back Office computer has also been redesigned, and streamlines operations, providing Twelve Strike Back Office functionality which continues to be compatible with CDE BLS League Software. The Twelve Strike company is nonproprietary so your center has the availability to keep costs down by allowing our system to integrate with your current desktop or laptop. Check with us on the software you are running for compatibility.


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