Overheads of all sizes

Our scoring packages vary according to customer needs, but typically each Twelve Strike universal pedestal unit can be connected to any type of LCD or LED Television Monitors.


Overhead Options


Any size of overhead can be purchased and we are glad to help you decide what is best for your centers needs. We offer a wide range of packages that can include your overheads with your scoring package installation along with also offering you overheads at wholesale pricing along with wholesale commercial warranties which can save your center hundreds or thousands of dollars. Our main thought is to help you keep your costs as low as possible while obtaining the best product on the market today. Ask a sales representative about our different overhead packages today.




Adhering to current High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) standards, we provide high-quality stereo HDMI out from our scoring computer systems to best in class LCD/LED video display equipment to offer our customers the best scoring, graphic and animation quality possible. This configuration also allows us the option of providing layered video feeds integrated with our overhead scoring grids.


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